Mr. Jeff Greason

Jeff Greason is an entrepreneur and innovator with 22 years’ experience in the commercial space industry. He is the CTO of Electric Sky, developing long-range wireless power for air and space vehicle propulsion and other purposes; and Chairman of the Tau Zero Foundation, developing advanced propulsion technologies for solar system and interstellar missions.   He has been active in the development of commercial space regulation and served on the Augustine Commission in 2009.  Jeff was a cofounder of XCOR Aerospace and served as CEO from 1999 to early 2015, managing development of 11 different reusable rocket engines and 66 flights of piloted rocket aircraft.  Previously, he was the rocket engine team lead at Rotary Rocket, and an engineering manager in chip technology development at Intel.  He holds 25 U.S. Patents.  He is also a Governor of the National Space Society.

Broadcast 644 (Special Edition)

Jeff Greason, CEO of XCOR Aerospace returned for this special Space Show program. Jeff began the interview with an update on XCOR activities progress over the past year and recent times. XCOR has sustained superb growth and has a mix of products its developing for private customers and NASA. From Rocket Racing League rockets to the suborbital space tourism vehicle, the Xerus Multi-function vehicle, along with rocket engines and fuel piston pumps, XCOR is a leading NewSpace company.

Broadcast 99 (Special Edition)

Jeff Greason, President and co-founder of XCOR Aerospace is the guest on this edition of The Space Show. XCOR is an award winning and leading company in the sub-orbital rocket business. During this program, we discuss the XCOR product line of rockets, sub-orbital flight and markets, space commerce, regulation, engineering, technology, and more.

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