Monte Davis

Monte Davis is a science and technology writer who has been following space activity since the 1960s. He covered the development of the Shuttle, helped launch OMNI and Discover magazines, and since the mid-1980s has worked with Fortune 100 corporations bringing new technologies to market in computers, communications, pharmaceuticals, and engineering. His book in progress, Down to Earth, looks at how politics, technology, and economics have shaped our expectations of space since 1957 -- and how space enthusiasm that fails to take them into account can derail our hopes for the future.

Broadcast 749 (Special Edition)

Monte Davis was the guest for this almost two hour special Space Show program. Mr. Davis had as a focus for this show to discuss the Space Shuttle and lessons learned from it, if any. As such, this program looks at the question of cheap space access, the role of the shuttle, our expectations, RLVs and much more. Monte went into detail about the difficulty of accessing space and why the systems in place now and the programs we are now developing it work against cheap access. He also talked about the role of the private sector, what it can likely do and not do, space tourism, and much more.

Broadcast 538 (Special Edition)

Monte Davis was the guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Davis is working on a new book and provided us with some insights into his work. We talked about the love hate relationship with space advocates and NASA, space advocate organizations in general, the classifications Mr. Davis is using for describing spacers. Sure to ruffle feathers and make us all think, Monte offers us classifications that help us identify our space interest and motivation. This is a must listen to program, a program that promises to kick your critical thinking skills into high gear.

Broadcast 478 (Special Edition)

"The Rocket Company" authors, Patrick Stiennon and David Hoerr, returned to The Space Show to engage in a panel discussing with additional returning guests, Dr. John Jurist and Monte Davis. The panel discussed numerous aspects of what is required to develop and build a rocket launching company using "The Rocket Company" book as the discussion basis. The panel discussed rocket engineering, business planning, single stage to orbit mass and economics, the existing launch industry along with the established launch industry. We discussed financing, markets, and much more.

Broadcast 413 (Special Edition)

Monte Davis was the guest on this Space Show program. Mr. Davis explained the need for markets and demand for developing space commerce and compared the national imperative of the Apollo era to what we have today in the space field. He discussed the realities of chemical rockets, what to expect from them in the future, and how he believes we should focus our energies to enhance the possibilities for being successful in some of the forthcoming private space ventures, including space tourism. Mr.

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