Miles O'Brien

Broadcast 1250 (Special Edition)

Guest: Miles O'Brien. Topics: NASA Advisory Council Input, space vision, space policy, Mars. We welcomed Miles O'Brien back to The Space Show for this program. We started our initial segment congratulating Miles for becoming a member of the NASA Advisory Council. Miles then told us about his NASA meetings so far, his discussions with the Charlie Bolden, the new NASA Administrator and the focus on education and outreach as a top priority for NASA. One of the goals is to energize and educate young groups of school kids across America to the importance and future of space in their lives.

Broadcast 846 (Special Edition)

Guest: Miles O'Brien, CNN. Miles O'Brien, the CNN chief technology and environment correspondent was the guest for this special half hour program. Miles talked with us about the importance of the space vision and his concern about NASA being able to get the job done regarding the VSE. He told us how important COTS was but he also stressed the excitement of exploration and the private space movement.

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