Mike Barrucco

Mr. Barrucco is the lead GNC engineer for Team FREDNET of the Lunar X-Prize helping the team with all aspects of mission design and project and engineering design management. As with others on Team FREDNET, Mr. Barrucco is inspired to contribute to the exploration of our solar system through the engineering design process for human, lunar, and inter-planetary missions. He is a graduate of Penn State University with a B.S. aerospace engineering with emphasis on spacecraft propulsion. As a student, Mr. Barrucco interned at the Air Force Research Laboratory researching aspects of hall effect thrusters. After graduating from Penn State, he worked as a aerospace engineer at the Naval Research Laboratory in the space navigation section on space mission designs and various satellite constellations. Mr. Barrucco is currently a full time engineer with Honeywell Aerospace and is pursuing a masters degree from the University of Southern California in Astronautical Engineering with an emphasis in space propulsion and navigation.

Broadcast 1193 (Special Edition)

Guests: Dr. Sean Case, Fred Bourgeois, Richard Core, Wade Butcher, Mike Barrucco for Team FREDNET. Topics: Team FREDNET and the Google Lunar X Prize. Team FREDNET was our guest for this show, talking about its open source approach to designing its Google Lunar X Prize entry. Our guests talked about the Web 2.0 tools being used on their site for open source, including their forum, and how it was bringing people together in a collaborative effort for their lunar project. We also discussed the downstream commercial value for going to the Moon, especially after the contest ends.

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