Mel Marsh

Melvin Marsh holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Anthropology and Human Biology from Emory University in Atlanta and a Master of Science degree in Space Studies from the University of North Dakota's Space Studies Department. At UND, Mel surveyed astronauts and produced a thesis on the identification of psychological stressors for long duration spaceflight under Dr. Vadim Rygalov. Upon graduation, he became a technology transfer and commercialization consultant focusing on life sciences and behavioral technologies, although now his consulting company has refocused on academic consulting and academic editing services. Mel is an officer in the National Association of Student Anthropologists, is a member of the AIAA Astrosociology Subcommittee, and continues to present papers on his research. His website is

Broadcast 1012 (Special Edition)

Guest (first hour): Professor Joanne Gabrynowicz was the guest for this special Space Show television show filmed on location in beautiful Cape Canaveral, Florida. We started our interview by discussing the relevance of space law as well as recent changes in this area, particularly in regards to Earth observation and remote sensing. Professor Gabrynowicz went over the original purpose of satellites for scientific research and the process by which countries agree to make relevant data freely available to countries affected by a natural disaster.

Broadcast 572

This is the Deep Space Message by Mel Marsh of Covington, GA: Greetings from Earth! I hope this message finds you well. The next time you are in the neighborhood of our Sun (it’s a relatively small middle-aged yellow star), please come to the third planet. You can’t miss it. It’s the small blue planet with a large satellite. While you are here, please come get me and take me back to your home. I would love to learn from you and you can learn from me. I’m an anthropologist, a student of humanity. I am also a student of space and I loved my astrobiology courses.

Broadcast 770 (Special Edition)

Mel Marsh and Dr. Jim Pass were guests today for an excellent discussion about astrosociology and the coming sessions on this topic at Space 2007 in Long Beach, CA. Jim and Mel gave us a comprehensive discussion on astrosociology and its importance to our developing a space-faring culture and economy. As a result of listener questions, the subject of academic bias was talked about, something both Mel and Jim have experienced.

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