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Matt Bille is an Associate with the global consulting and technology firm Booz Allen Hamilton.  He spent 12 years as an Air Force officer, most notably in commanding a Titan II ICBM crew.  He is also a science writer and historian who has authored some 30 papers and article on space exploration, space history, microsatellites, and launch vehicles.  Matt is an “Apollo kid” who has been fascinated with space ever since he watched the Apollo 11 launch in person. He is the lead author of the NASA-published history The First Space Race: Launching the World’s First Satellites (2004), a groundbreaking account of the early Space Age.  As a science writer, he has written books on newly-discovered and endangered animals, which gave rise to his interest in the conservation of cetaceans (whales and dolphins).  Matt is a member of the National Association of Science Writers and the Society for Marine Mammology and an Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.  

Project WHALES/OceanLens

After learning cetologists desperately wanted more satellite coverage and more frequent contact with tagged whales, Matt and several colleagues at Booz Allen created Project WHALES (Whale/Habitat and Location/Environment Smallsats), which partnered with the company’s OceanLens software team to examine new ways of providing satellite tracking and displaying and analyzing the information. He and colleagues Laurie Baker, Kirk Borne, Steve Brune, Ian Byrnes, Rachel Dendiu, and Chris Round created one of the first space conference papers ever exploring the needs, issues, and options for improved satellite tracking.  “Microsatellites and Moby Dick” was presented at the 2018 Conference on Small Satellites. Matt can be reached at






Broadcast 3271 Matt Bille

We welcomed Matt Bille back to the show to discuss Project WHALES and the advancements with OceanLens software to help protect cetaceans (whales and dolphins).  As you will hear during our two segment 95 minute discussion, using space technology is essential in tracking and helping to protect whales, dolphins and other marine mammals.  This was an exciting discussion, the technology you will hear about was advanced, exciting and becoming even more advanced.

Broadcast 802 (Special Edition)

Erika Lishock and Matt Bille joined Space Show listeners for this special Space Show program as part of Sputnik Week on The Space Show. We started this discussion by exploring the meaning of the Sputnik anniversary for this time in 2007, from a global perspective as well as from the American point of view. We spent much time during the program discussing various lessons learned and what we should have learned from Sputnik and the early days of the space race and how such lessons can and should be applied to what we are doing in space today.

Broadcast 650 (Special Edition)

Matt Bille and Kris Winkler were the special guests for this Space Show program. Matt and Kris discussed with us their recent work which focuses on how a network of microspacecraft could play an important role in the NASA VSE. We began the discussion with Matt providing us with a working definition of microspacecraft for our program and from there we talked about all aspects of such spacecraft, their possible functions and contributions to space development and the VSE.

Broadcast 260 (Special Edition)

Matt Bille and Erika Lishock were the guests on this edition of The Space Show to discussion the early space history of both the United States and the USSR. Their new book, "The First Space Race," documents the contest between the two super powers to launch the world's first satellite. During the program we learned about the hidden facts and side of Sputnik, Vanguard, the U.S. Army and Navy programs and competition, and the little known Notsnik satellite program.

Broadcast 149 (Special Edition)

Matt Bille was the Space Show guest for this program. We discussed the microsatellite industry, launch access for such satellites, satellite history, ITARS, Russian and American launch vehicles, life on this planet and elsewhere, zoology, and much more. Mr. Bille is a very interesting person and The Space Show was able to highlight many of his areas of expertise.

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