Mark Holderman

Mark Holderman, through positions in the NASA/Space Shuttle Program (SSP) and the CIA/Office of Development & Engineering (OD&E)/ Directorate of Science & Technology, has had the opportunity to successfully garner some unique and substantive Design, Development and Operational engineering experiences. Technology Development and Systems-Engineering for complex systems are areas of subject matter expertise. The NASA activities primarily focused on areas that concerned managing major flight hardware upgrades to the Space Shuttle Program , as well as leading the design of a new class of human crewed exploration-class spacecraft. During the re-design of Space Station Freedom, I lead a large and technically- diverse Team that submitted a redesign (GEODE) for the International Space Station. During normal SSP Ops; Principle Investigator/Integrator for a Flt-exp. that conducted research on the characterization and performance of the first nano/MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) components/devices flown in space, responsible for the Dev. and Cert. of a new Aluminum alloy [AlLi 2195] for the External Tank (cryo LO2/LH2), team member for refining new weld techniques [Soft Plasma Arc Welding] for 2195-alloy, and Co-Directed analysis of full-scale structural load test - LH2 tankage (28ft. dia.). I was recently the Dep. Proj. Mngr for a Shuttle-Derived Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle (Sidemount) Phase-A design study that was presented to the President’s Augustine Commission on Space. Other near term activity - developing the first Wireless Power Beaming Trans. demo from the ISS to a Ground Station receiver at Goldstone /CA. A major element of this demo was the incorporation of Extremely Large Space structures, which featured new methodologies (personal designs) for inflatable and deployable mechanical structures. Creator/designer of the Nautilus-X, Exploration spacecraft [ref: Google/Wikipedia], and have designed the first Human Hab. Centrifuge for the ISS. CIA/OD&E responsibilities required the maturing of distinct technology development areas, each requiring extensive security Clearances; SAR (Special Access Required) and SCI (Specially Compartmented Information). Duties included full responsibility and leadership of a select Team that translated an extremely demanding set of System Requirements [functioning in a unique and hostile environment] into unprecedented aerospace-designs and functional /qualified space hardware. This program ultimately reached an Operational status that surpassed ALL performance requirements and objectives.

Broadcast 1559 (Special Edition)

Guest: Mark Holderman. Topics: Nautilus X exploration spacecraft, NASA, ISS centrifuge, space policy & space workforce issues. You are invited to comment, ask questions, and discuss the Space Show program/guest(s) on the Space Show blog, Comments, questions, and any discussion must be relevant and applicable to Space Show programming. We welcomed Mark Holderman to the program to discuss Nautilus X and workforce issues.

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