Kira Blackwell

Kira Blackwell brings with her a wealth of experience in business management that began almost three decades ago with the management of a $3 million store at the age of 18. It is her entrepreneurial spirit and tenacity that has enabled Blackwell to build a diverse set of skills and strategically assist businesses for success across aerospace, biotechnology, and technology management. She has strong business acumen as a results-driven decisive leader and is experienced in establishing and managing diverse strategic partnerships with not-for-profit organizations, small start-up companies and fortune 500 corporations. In her role within the Office of the Chief Technologist, Blackwell is the Innovation Liaison supporting the NASA Deputy Administrators’ Innovation Framework, the agency's innovation strategy. Prior to joining our team, Blackwell managed her own consulting business working with several start-up companies, providing business solutions, leadership and business connections as businesses began to navigate through the business start-up process. She also contracted with Jacobs at the NASA White Sands Test Facility, developing quantitative Federal and State level support across New Mexico, identifying new business opportunities and initiating the discussions for a collaborative partnership with New Mexico State University. Blackwell graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Houston.

Broadcast 3004 Kira Blackwell

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