Kerri Westburg

Ms Westburg possesses 30 years of know-how in a complimentary broad spectrum of leadership and technical tasks.  She came into the Air Force in 1993 serving 7 years active duty before transitioning to the Reserves in 2001 and retiring in 2020.  She has been with Booz Allen since 2001 and currently supports the United States Space Force.  Ms Westburg describes herself as a “Jack-of-All-Trades” with her experience including space mobility and logistics, launch range, transitioning systems from development into operations, assessing future operational space threats, managing systems engineering & integration efforts, directing Test & Evaluation (T&E) programs, managing technical contracts, and assessing organizational performance through metrics.  She’s worked at all levels from the basic unit to major commands and headquarter service commands and enjoys focusing on the strategic level “big picture”.  Her personal mantra is “It All Starts With Great Trust Relationships”.

She can be reached at


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