John Quinn

John Quinn started his career protecting our country as a member of the US Navy’s Silent Service. Having traversed the depths of the ocean, developed controls engineering skills and built a few engineering companies, he shifted his focus to a quest for space.  To achieve this endeavor John joined his friend and mentor David Mitchell (most commonly know as a 4th Generation Texas Oil man, founder of TRADEway and Pastor) to Cofound and lead Exos Aerospace in the development of reusable rockets.  John is passionate about space and believes the next breakthrough opportunities for Industry, Biotech and education will be found in the microgravity of space. The Exos SPACEbuild... program will provide microgravity opportunity for manufacturing in space.  The SPACEaid… program will support Biotech development through space STEM cell activation and microfluidic experimentation, and finally the SPACEedu… program will enable and engage the creativity of tomorrow’s engineers and scientists. John has found applying Six Sigma processes and using data based decision making skills provides a solid foundation for the companies he has worked in or owned. Exos is nearing completion of their reusable SARGE suborbital launcher that is the technological test bed for their orbital launcher technologies.  By proving their technologies on a reusable suborbital vehicle, Exos can mitigate risk of entry as they the race to provide reusable orbital capability to the micro and nanosat markets. Furthermore, this approach will help them achieve a price point of < $5M per orbital launch*.

John has been happily married for over 27 years and enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, exploring nature and enjoying the many adventures God's grace has unlocked. He is excited to share some of the most recent developments at Exos as he works as the COO to lead the company into the commercial space race one methodical step at a time.

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