Jennie Eckardt

Jennie Eckardt has her degree in neurobiology from UC Davis and has always been interested in the Space Sector. She worked at Stanford and then NASA Ames Research Center and was awarded a grant to work on G-loads on different physiological and endocrine mechanisms. She also attended the International Space University and got the business bug with the concepts of a re-evolution of the space industry. After leaving NASA, she started her own company Her love lies in rockets, getting people to the moon, mars and beyond. Nothing blows her away more than looking at Andromeda and thinking, there is just no way we are alone. The vastness of our universe and that beyond is the most powerful concept she can imagine. Her goal is to help the effort of this industry in anyway possible. She currently works at Plantronics as a marketing officer in Marketing Communications. She was brought on as a consultant originally before the launch of Plantronics' "Win A Trip to Space" Promotion. She worked on the contract negotiations with Space Adventures. Several months she was offered a position and so far so good! She is currently working on using our heritage at Plantronics to grow business opportunities and seeing where our technology can integrate with ground control systems for satellite companies. In addition to this goal of mine, her time at Plantronics also includes marketing initiatives in the mobile and entertainment channel and the aviation department. Yuri's Night is where all her free time goes. Through Yuri's Night we can promote space, and keep this dream of exploration and expansion of capabilities alive and strong.

Broadcast 477 (Special Edition)

Jenny Eckardt was the guest for this Space Show program. We began the interview discussing the April 12th Yuri's Night global celebrations. Ms. Eckardt explained the parties, how to attend and how to set up a part. For full details, visit the Yuri's Night website which is We discussed the origins of the Yuri's Night celebration, where the parties were being held around the world, what the parties are like and the fact that they speak to people of all ages and interests. In addition to talking about Yuri's Night, we Ms.

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