Greg Nemitz

Greg Nemitz was one of the initial founders of TransOrbital, Inc. ( TransOrbital's business goal is to profitably build and fly lunar micro-spacecraft. Their first project, a "Lunar Video Orbiter" is slated to launch to the Moon in early 2004. Mr. Nemitz, was TransOrbital's initial vice-president, COO and CFO for two years, during which the company's business plan was completed and initiated. During this time, Mr. Nemitz raised early venture funding for TransOrbital and evolved the credibility of the project. During the last ten years, Orbital Development has developed an extensive network of high-level contacts in the USA and Russian aerospace industry. The company and Mr. Nemitz are also involved in the Eros project, a project which will be discussed on this program and has important ramifications for space property rights.

Broadcast 175 (Special Edition)

Greg Nemitz, the guest on this Space Show program, spoke extensively about space property rights, why property rights are so important, and the status of obtaining space property rights at this time. At the heart of the discussion is the litigation Mr. Nemitz has initiated against NASA and the U.S. for rent fees for their landing on asteroid Eros. Mr. Nemitz believes he followed existing law and claimed Eros well in advance of NASA landing on the asteroid. Mr.

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