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Greg Klerkx is a writer and educator who began his career as a journalist in southern California, where he won awards for feature, commentary, and investigative writing. A former senior manager of the SETI Institute, his 2004 book Lost in Space made the ‘best of’ lists in the San Francisco Chronicle and the Independent and his writing about the business of human spaceflight and other science topics have appeared in New Scientist magazine, Aeon, the Sunday Telegraph Magazine, Evening Standard, publications by the think-tank DEMOS, and the New York Times. He also works with teachers and young people to develop writing and storytelling skills. Greg lives in London with his family.


Thanksgiving Week Golden Oldie for Friday, 11-24-23: Greg Klerkx from 2004

Broadcast 3828 Greg Klerkx | Friday 18 Feb 2022   

Listeners:   While I am off with family for Thanksgiving week 2023, there will be a special Golden Oldie suggestion for your listening pleasure on our broadcasting days.  I hope you enjoy my selections.  But first, an important word about The Space Show for next year.

Broadcast 198 (Special Edition) Greg Klerkx

Greg Klerkx, the author of the very informative and popular book "Lost in Space: The Fall of NASA and the Dream of a a New Space Age" spoke to Space Show listeners on this show about his research and findings regarding NASA and more, all of which are reported in his book. Greg begins his story with us by talking about his experiences while at SETI, the NASA perception of SETI and what he actually discovered about NASA while he was at SETI. Greg examines NASA very carefully and suggests what might be needed if NASA is going to implement the new Bush space policy, the VSE.

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