Gary Calnan

Gary Calnan is the Co-Founder and CEO of CisLunar Industries, a space technology startup focused on developing, building, and operating distributed, on-orbit metal processing and space debris recycling facilities. With NASA and their industry partners, CisLunar Industries is advancing the industrial in-space economy and revolutionizing the economics of space debris removal by transforming this huge challenge into a massive self-sustaining economic opportunity. By treating space debris as a space resource, Gary aims to accelerate the development of a vibrant, diverse, commercially driven in-space economy.

In this role, Gary is applying his diverse background in entrepreneurship, capital markets, and corporate finance to building a key component of the emerging cislunar industrial economy. With a BA in Economics from the University of Colorado and a Charter from the CFA Institute, Gary took action with his life-long passion for space by completing the ISU Space Studies Program in 2017 and now strives to help lay the foundation for a sustainable human presence beyond Earth.


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