Frank Culbertson

Frank Culbertson is Senior Vice President for Orbital Sciences Corporation, Dulles, Virginia, and Deputy General Manager of their Advanced Programs Group. In this capacity, Mr. Culbertson’s responsibilities include the execution and performance of all Orbital programs related to human space flight including the Commercial Orbital Transportation System Program and the Launch Abort System Program for the Orion spacecraft. Prior to this position at Orbital, Mr. Culbertson was a Senior Vice President at SAIC, following an eighteen-year career as a NASA Astronaut. He has flown three space missions and logged over 144 days in space as shuttle commander, pilot, and station crewmember. His last mission launched on the Shuttle Endeavour and lasted for 129 days, from August 10 until December 17, 2001. During that mission, he lived and worked aboard the International Space Station for 125 days and was in command of the Station for 117 days. Mr. Culbertson also held several key management positions within the NASA Shuttle and ISS programs and was Program Manager of the Shuttle-Mir Program. Mr. Culbertson is a 1971 graduate of the US Naval Academy at Annapolis. He was a naval aviator, a fighter pilot, and a test pilot, and he retired from the Navy as a Captain in 1997. Mr. Culbertson has received numerous honors, including the Legion of Merit, the Navy Flying Cross, the Defense Superior Service Medal, the NAA/FAI Gagarin Gold Medal, and the NASA Distinguished Service Medal.

Broadcast 1236 (Special Edition)

Guests: Bob Dickman, Elliot Pulham, Dr. Scott "Doc" Horowitz, Frank Culbertson, Jim Muncy, Dr. John Klineberg. Topics: This program provided a comprehensive discussion of the Augustine Commission options for our human spaceflight program. This special program was produced by AIAA with help from The Space Show. Our panel members were with us for two hours (no break) to engage in an in-depth discussion of the Augustine Commission's "Review of U.S.

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