Eli Goldberg

Eli Goldberg is the proprietor of Prometheus Music, a San Francisco Bay Area independent music label specializing in albums about space exploration, science-fiction, and fantasy. His label's most recent release is "To Touch the Stars". Produced in partnership with the Mars Society and the National Space Society, "To Touch the Stars" is the first-ever anthology CD of songs that celebrate the history and future of space exploration. This project's widespread media attention has included coverage in the San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Times, Ad Astra magazine, CBC Radio One's "Here & Now", Science-Fiction Weekly, and two front-page articles on the widely-read SPACE.com website.

Broadcast 197 (Special Edition)

Eli Goldberg, Kristoph Klover, Dr. Jordin Kare and Maryanne Dyson joined The Space Show for this program to discuss "To Touch The Stars," a musical celebration of exploration. Eli and Kristoph discussed space theme folk and other types of music and to us how this incredible album came into being. Kristoph is also the lead singer on several of the cuts for this album and a few of those cuts were played on the program. Dr.

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