Dr. Stephen Johnson

Dr. Stephen Johnson has over 6 years on SHM / Fault Management, and “Command, Control, Communications, and Information” for the Ares I project and Constellation program, as well as helping to develop a Fault Management Handbook for NASA at the Agency level, and the two publications described above. Since 2006, he has also published papers on the Political Economy of Space, and the NASA “cultural problem” with failure. Dr. Johnson is a space history historian as a whole, to the NASA human spaceflight programs under development, to launchers specifically, and then in a disciplinary sense SHM/Fault Management and systems engineering. He thinks a lot about how things fail and what to do to address failure in designs of complex human/machine systems.

Broadcast 340 (Special Edition)

Dr. Stephen Johnson was The Space Show guest for this very interesting two hour program. We began with a comprehensive discussion of military space and weapons in space given the recent news about the Air Force considering deploying certain space weapons in the not so distant future. This is perhaps the most complete and detailed discussion on this topic so far on The Space Show as Dr. Johnson examined many different components that go into space weapons consideration.

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