Dr. Sam Dinkin

Sam Dinkin is just back from spending 3 months in India helping one of the cellular operators there buy billions of dollars of spectrum for 3G cell phone and WiMax internet service. Dr. Dinkin has been beating the drum for space commercialization since 2004 when he started writing for the Space Review. He was the founder of Space Shot which had memoranda of understandings with three suborbital and two orbital companies to offer flights as prizes including a flight for two around the Moon. Space Shot dissolved at the end of 2009 having awarded two Zero G flights. Dinkin has pledged to award a suborbital flight and will hold the drawing later this year. In addition to journalist and entrepreneur, he is a space investor, advocate, philanthropist and enthusiast. Since the last time he was on the show, he also captained the US contract bridge team that won a silver medal in Sao Paulo.

Broadcast 1383 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. Sam Dinkin. Topics: Private development of space. Dr. Sam Dinkin returned for this nearly two hour Space Show program to discuss his June 21, 2010 The Space Review (TSR) article, "Individuals Pick Up The Space Development Torch (www.thespacereview.com/article/1648/1). In our first segment, Sam put forth his thesis that Space X and the success of the Falcon 9 excited people and that in time many people will be able to afford to have a rocket company.

Broadcast 1047 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. Sam Dinkin was the guest for this Space Show program. We started our Q&A with Sam with an update on his start-up, Space Shot. Here, Sam took us through the game, its current status, and then, in response to a listener question, he did a "lessons learned" from starting this business. This is a must hear discussion and is applicable to more than just Space Shot. We also talked about space in the future. Sam mentioned that, in his opinion, we would likely develop the oceans first, including aquaculture and then develop habitable aerostats.

Broadcast 655 (Special Edition)

Dr. Sam Dinkin was the guest this morning for this special Space Show program to discuss the new venture, Free Space Shot (www.freespaceshot.com). You could hear the excitement about this venture in Sam's voice, in the speed at which he was on top of every question, in the assurance that Free Space Shot was delivering the possibility to any and all who want to go to space and are willing to engage skill for the opportunity.

Broadcast 607 (Special Edition)

Dr. Sam Dinkin returned as the guest for this Space Show program. We began the interview with a brief update from Dr. Dinkin on his new blog, Decisive Win (www.decisivewin.com). Check it and comment on it. Dr. Dinkin continues to write for The Space Review but his posting on his own blog will now constitute his blogging rather than his previous contributions to Transterrestrial Musings. The conversation then moved on for updates about SpaceShot, Sam's new start-up skill game to allow people the opportunity to earn a trip to suborbital space.

Broadcast 561

Dr. Sam Dinkin provided the second Space Show Deep Space Message at the end of December 2005. Here is the text of Sam's message: "My name is Sam Dinkin from Earth and my message to the stars is WE TASTE TERRIBLE." And I'll second that, Sam. Thank you for your witty entry from The Space Show. And those you in deep space hearing these messages, stay tuned for the next one. The Space Show out."

Broadcast 325 (Special Edition)

This program is a special presentation by Drs. John Jurist, Sam Dinkin and myself at the University of North Dakota Department of Space Studies on April 12, 2005. This two hour presentation was in the form of a two hour interactive workshop with faculty and students both present for the workshop and on the internet as UND presented the program as a webcast to their alumni, distant learning students, and to the Space Show family of listeners. The audio only is archived on The Space Show website.

Broadcast 274 (Special Edition)

Dr. Sam Dinkin, columnist for The Space Review, was the guest for this Space Show program. Dr. Dinkin spoke about the influence of the space policy vision on this election year, the likely future for the vision with either a Senator Kerry or President Bush win, and why it is important to see this policy/vision materialize. We also talked about the economics of launch and space access, the space elevator, converting the shuttle to a heavy lift vehicle, and returning to the Moon rather than going to Mars at this time. Dr.

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