Dr. Pamela Menges

Dr. Pamela Menges is currently managing director of a network of high-tech companies created to leverage emerging technologies in aerospace, computing, energy & materials. A fellow of the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC), Dr. Menges is recognized internationally as an inventor of revolutionary technologies and sustainable solutions. Current projects are developing renewable energy storage, space power, sustainable space transport & zero-energy communities. She founded Aerospace Research Systems in 1993, oldest privately funded US space firm. Created as a collaborative network it now assists tech organizations in adopting the model. Spin-off company Star Sailor Energy is producing the only performance adaptive vertical wind turbines and patented energy storage. ARSI Verde, another spin-off, is a high-level consulting group dedicated to sustainable product development and systems engineering. Recognized technical operations expert, 15+ years experience in research, engineering & corporate management. Experienced flight test engineer & commercial pilot. Research in hypersonics, spaceplanes, AI, advanced & smart materials, wind turbines & quantum computing. NIAC Fellow for developing a new class of functional structures for flapping wing & morphing vehicles. Patents in wind power, energy storage & smart structures [US8,648,481, US7,880,323, UK GB2454617, US8,134,250, UK GB2452226]. Senior consultant for technology assessment, competitive intelligence & due diligence for M&A, VC, joint ventures & teaming. Subject matter expert in aerospace systems, technology assessment & forensics. Dr. Menges has degrees in mathematics, biomathematics & doctorate in aerospace engineering & high-energy physics. Postdoctoral research: Los Alamos National Laboratory, Space Engineering & International Technology groups. Space systems engineering; mission analysis, integration, space power, sensors, launch systems. Analyzed foreign technology & infrastructures for national security missions.

Broadcast 2442 (Special Edition)

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