Dr. Melchor J. Antunano

Dr. Melchor J. Antunano, MS, Director, Civil Aerospace Medical Institute FAA to the show. Dr. Antuñano was born in Mexico City and is a graduate of the National Autonomous University of Mexico School of Medicine. He completed the Residency Program in Aerospace Medicine at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. He was awarded a post-doctoral research associateship by the U.S. National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences at the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Antuñano is currently the Director of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Civil Aerospace Medical Institute (CAMI) in Oklahoma City. He provides executive direction and is responsible for the administration of FAA Office of Aerospace Medicine’s programs in Medical Certification, Medical Education, Medical Research, Human Factors Research, and Occupational Health Services. Dr. Antuñano is credited with 479 professional presentations and invited lectures at national and international conferences in aerospace medicine in 28 countries, and with 53 scientific publications covering a variety of aerospace medicine topics. He is Fellow and Past-President of the U.S. Aerospace Medical Association, Past-President of the Space Medicine Association, Past-President of the Iberoamerican Association of Aerospace Medicine, member and past-selector of the International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine, member of the International Academy of Astronautics, Honorary Member of the Colombian Society of Aviation Medicine, Honorary Member of the Greek Aerospace Medical Association, Honorary Member of the Brazilian Society of Aerospace Medicine, Honorary Member of the Mexican Society of Aviation Medicine, Honorary Member of the Slovanian Aerospace Medical Association, Honorary Member of the Turkish Civil Aviation Medicine Association and a member of many other national and international professional societies in aerospace medicine. He is a faculty member at Wright State University School of Medicine, the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, and the National University of Colombia School of Medicine. Dr. Antuñano has received 64 awards and recognitions for his academic, administrative, and research achievements.

Broadcast 1023 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. Melcho Antunano, Director of Civil Aerospace Medical Institute at the FAA, was the guest for this Space Show program. Our primary topic for discussion was the role of the FAA in setting policy, guidelines, or requirements for medical qualifications for flight crews and spaceflight participants for both suborbital and orbital space tourism. Dr. Antunano pointed out several times that the FAA does not set the policy or requirements. Instead, they produce guidelines only and it is then up to the spaceflight companies to issue their own standards and guidelines.

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