Dr. Ken Cox

Dr. Ken Cox C.V: Education, Bachelor’s and master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Texas/Austin. PhD in Electrical Engineering at Rice University Employment Roustabout for Shell Oil Company Rotating Training Program for General Electric nstructor in Electrical Engineering at UT/Austin TEMCO Senior Engineer for Temco in Dallas Advanced Titan III flight control system at Martin NASA Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston, Texas (now the Johnson Space Center) Technical Manager for Apollo Digital Control Systems Space Shuttle Technical Manager GN&C Systems Apollo Soyez Integrated Flight Control Systems. Chief Technologist Special Assignments Atlas Centaur Accident Investigation Board NASA Shuttle C Proposal Board. AIAA Board, AIAA Distinguished Lecture Series

Broadcast 710 (Special Edition)

Dr. Ken Cox and Bruce Pittman were the special guests for this Space Show program to discuss space commerce, the coming ATWG Conference just before ISDC and the ACES Entrepreneurial Space Summit at NASA Ames May 16-18, 2007. We began the discussion with Ken giving us the background information regarding the Aerospace Technology Working Group (ATWG) and the basics about their coming conference in Dallas from May 22-24, 2007. Visit www.atwg.org for the full agenda, registration, and details. Dr.

Broadcast 489 (Special Edition)

Dr. Bob Krone, Dr. Ken Cox and Langdon Morris were the special guests for this program to discuss their newly published book, "Beyond Earth: The Future of Humans In Space." Each guest provided listeners with information on not only their chapters in the book but the chapters of authors as well, plus we talked about the importance of space, making sure people know about space, its meaning and purpose, space commerce and much much more. The book has 36 chapters and over 40 contributing authors. The Table of Contents for "Beyond Earth" is as follows: CONTENTS DEDICATION FOREWORD By Dr.

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