Dr. James R. Wertz

Dr. Wertz is the President of Microcosm in Torrance, CA, and an Adjunct Prof of Astronautics at USC.  At Microcosm, he is responsible for the main business areas of space mission engineering, reducing space mission cost, and spacecraft and launch vehicle development, and has taught “Space Mission Analysis and Design” in over a dozen countries worldwide, including many government organizations and corporations in the US.  At USC he teaches “Reducing Space Mission Cost.”  He is the editor and a principal author of the books Space Mission Analysis and Design (=SMAD, the most widely used text and reference in astronautics worldwide), Space Mission Engineering (= SME, the current follow-on to SMAD), Spacecraft Attitude Determination and Control, Reducing Space Mission Cost (aimed at changing the way business is done in space), and Mission Geometry; Orbit and Constellation Design and Management.  Dr. Wertz is a Fellow of both the British Interplanetary Society and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and a member of the International Academy of Astronautics. Dr. Wertz received his PhD in physics at the University of Texas in Austin, his SB in physics at MIT, and his MS from George Washington University.


Broadcast 690 (Special Edition)

Dr. Jim Wertz was the returning guest on The Space Show to discuss the upcoming Responsive Space conference from April 23-26, 2007 in Los Angeles, CA. We started the program with Dr. Wertz providing us with a definition of responsive space. We then talked about possible dual use capability for a path from responsive military space to commercial use. We also talked about US launch infrastructure and regulations being a barrier to rapid launches, especially when compared with Russia and other rocket launching countries. Several times during the program, Dr.

Broadcast 628 (Special Edition)

Dr. Jim Wertz, CEO of Microcosm, Inc., returned to complete his discussion started last Friday, Nov. 17, 2006. We started the interview with a thorough discussion of why the U.S. government is not funding Scorpious and at times not even following the recommendations of the reports the government commenced. This comprehensive discussion not only included Scorpius, it addressed responsive space, the Darpa/Falcon project, and both the politics and engineering necessary to make these programs successful.

Broadcast 574

Dr. Jim Wertz and his Deep Space Message" My name is Jim Wertz and I’m the President of Microcosm in El Segundo, CA. At the end of the Space Show on Friday, Dr. David Livingston asked the following question: What can “Spacers” do to help make it happen? to help those who are in the technical trenches of space exploration? A: Ultimately, David, what helps most is political and popular support for space exploration. So to rephrase your question, How do we make space exploration both exciting and relevant to the American people and to our political representatives?

Broadcast 625 (Special Edition)

Dr. James R. Wertz, CEO of Microcosm, Inc., was the guest for this special Space Show program. We began the discussion by announcing free offers that Dr. Wertz is making available. Please see below for the offers: 2 CDs on "Implementing Responsive Space" to be given away to callers at the discretion of the host. These are available on a first come first serve basis.


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