Dr. Harvey Willenberg

Dr. Harvey Willenberg is presently a consultant to NASA regarding lunar and Mars programs, the space industry, and an expert on space nuclear power. He has his BS in Physics from Harvey Mudd College, an MS Physics from U Washington, a MSE Nuclear Engineering from U Washington and his PhD Nuclear Engineering from U Washington. After spending eight years in the nuclear industry, working for Burns & Roe, Westinghouse, Battelle, and Mathematical Sciences Northwest, he came to Boeing Defense and Space Group in 1982. He was always a strong supporter of commercial space opportunities. He was an engineering manager for Boeing from 1985 through 2001, and switched to the Technical Fellowship in 2002. His Boeing history was: 1982-84 in Kent, WA as an advanced design engineer; 1984-95 in Huntsville, AL as engineering manager and Space Station Chief Scientist; 1995-98 in Kent, WA as engineering manager pursuing advanced commercial space activities; 1998-99 in Downey, CA as program development manager on programs related to human exploration and space solar power; 1999-2004 in Huntington Beach, CA as engineering manager and then Associate Technical Fellow on programs related to human exploration, space solar power, and space nuclear power. Dr. Willenberg retired in 2004 and moved to Huntsville.

Broadcast 449 (Special Edition)

Dr. Harvey Willenberg returned to The Space Show for this special program focusing on space for energy uses, HE3, fusion, nuclear power, fossil fuels, space solar power and more. Dr. Willenberg does a superb job discussing these topics from the perspectives of science (physics) breakeven analysis, engineering breakeven analysis, and the economic breakeven analysis, then blending them all together for a sane energy program. We had questions on fusion, HE3, alternative energy, energy from space, the politics of space energy and much more.

Broadcast 278 (Special Edition)

Dr. Harvey Willenberg discussed space nuclear power and its applicable uses for space commerce in quite some detail. This discussion also included a look at terrestrial nuclear power, its overall safety, changes in its manufacturing and design processes, and the proper way to handle nuclear waste. We talked about plausible lunar commercial opportunities and Dr. Willenberg spent some time discussing HE3 and its use. He also talked about other energy options with hold more promise, especially space solar power.

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