Dr. David Schrunk

Dr. David Schrunk is an author and specialist on quality laws and space development. Dr. Schrunk will be discussing his new book, THE END OF CHAOS: Quality Laws and The Ascendancy of Democracy, an important subject for the space program as indirectly quality programs for laws in the space arena will be designed to facilitate rather than to hinder humankind’s advancement into space. Currently, laws mostly impede productive enterprises by attempting to advance political and special interest agendas rather than to solve problems. When going to space, it is important that the laws clear obstacles and steer us along the most expedient and responsible paths – and not to promote a religion, ideology or “royalty”. Quality programs for laws will limit the body of space laws to those that are efficacious in the advancement of humankind’s best interests in space – to allow humans to flourish responsibly in space / become a spacefaring civilization.

Broadcast 808 (Special Edition)

Dr. David Schrunk and Dr. Madhu Thangavelu were our guests for this program regarding their book, "The Moon: Resources, Future, Development and Settlement," published by Springer/Praxis 2007. This book is available at Amazon.com and other book stores. During or program, both our guests fielded many questions regarding lunar development and why we should be doing it. They even received questions about environmental protection on the Moon and raised the concern of lunar development damaging the Moon's environment.

Broadcast 431 (Special Edition)

Dr. David Schrunk returned to The Space Show for this program. We began the discussion talking about the lunar south pole region known as Malapert Mountain. According to Dr. Schrunk, it is the ideal site for the first permanent lunar base for a variety of reasons, including its height. You will want to learn more about this south pole region of the Moon. We then turned our attention to his new book, "The End of Chaos: Quality Laws and the Ascendancy of Democracy." For more information about the book, visit www.qlpress.com.

Broadcast 322 (Special Edition)

Dr. David Schrunk returned to the Space Show to discuss his new book and the need for quality of laws. We discussed the need for quality of laws as applicable to space, but also to us here right now in our society. Dr. Schrunk made the point that we expect and demand quality control and quality in every aspect of our lives, why not law. He proposes no law be made unless it is has been designed by quality law professional designers specifically trained to design laws and that it is evaluated to make sure it is a beneficial law. Listen to this program. Dr.

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