Dr. A. Scott Howe

A. Scott Howe has a PhD in architecture from University of Michigan, and a second PhD in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, focusing on self-assembling structures and modular robotic construction systems. Dr. Howe is currently located at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in the Mission Systems Concepts Section, Exploration Systems Concepts group. He has served as a licensed practicing architect emphasizing modular compact buildings, habitats, and deployable structures, and has 19 years experience engineering robotic construction systems with significant skills in configuration, structures, and hands-on hardware assembly. Dr. Howe has 10 years experience working in Japan on building design, kit-of-parts modular building systems, and automated construction research with Kajima Corporation, Shimizu, and Hazama. He is widely published in journals, conferences, and has contributed to book projects as editor and chapter contributor. Selected projects and publications can be viewed on his webpage: http://www.plugin-creations.com/us/ash/ Before joining JPL, Dr. Howe served as faculty member at University of Oregon for 3 years, and Hong Kong University for 6 years. He has extensive experience creating curriculum and organizing special workshops, in both domestic and overseas programs. He currently serves as Chair for the Space Architecture Technical Committee (SATC) in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), and has experience organizing and chairing technical conferences, tracks, and sessions. Dr. Howe currently serves on the Constellation Lunar Surface Systems Architecture team, as a member of the All-Terrain Hex-Limbed Extra-Terrestrial Explorer (ATHLETE) robotic mobility system development team, LSS Mobility Team, and LSS Habitation Team. He is co-inventor of the Tri-ATHLETE concept, and serves as element lead, supporting the scenarios for the Lunar Surface Systems outpost. Dr. Howe also currently serves on Team X, a concurrent engineering formulation team. He has experience as mechanical and configuration lead on a variety of formulation projects, and has functioned in both lead and supporting roles for proposal writing and mission planning. Dr. Howe is committed to the development of advanced robotic machines and infrastructures and their integration with human space exploration objectives. He believes it is the destiny of humankind to learn to live and work in space, and eventually become a space-faring civilization.

Broadcast 1232 (Special Edition)

Guests: Brent Sherwood; Dr. A Scott Howe. Topics: Space architecture, space development, life support systems, human spaceflight missions. Brent Sherwood and Dr. A. Scott Howe were with us to discuss their new AIAA published book, "Out Of This World: The New Field Of Space Architecture." During the first segment, space architecture was defined. This is important so make sure you hear it as it is applicable to our discussion of the subject. We talked about some of the issues that differentiate space architecture from its terrestrial counterpart.

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