David Gan

David Gan, is retired as a Public Health Microbiologist with the California State Health Dept and has been a mentor to UC Berkeley Marsby2012 HEDS-UP projects. He has been at Planetary Society Conferences and Mars Society Conferences. Along with Professor Larry Kuznetz, he has lectured on Triple Point of Water near Mars conditions to see if liquid water can appear at times on the surface. He did a bell jar experiment in my kitchen with dry ice, vacuum pump and ice cubes and found indeed, liquid water can exist at warmer temperatures. David was also part of the third wave of soldier going ashore at Utah Beach during the Normandy Invasion, D-Day plus 3, June 9, 1944.

Broadcast 765 (Special Edition)

This is the second of three Mars Society Conference program recorded live at the 2007 conference. The part of this program is a private space tourism presentation by Dr. Larry Kuznetz to Reda Anderson and myself. Larry gives this presentation on cruise ships to general cruise ship audiences. The second part of this program has The Space Show going bar hopping though the second bar would not permit us to record in it.

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