Dan Mosqudea

Daniel (Dan)
Mosqueda is the
Manager of National
Security Program
Development for the
Universities Space
Research Association
(USRA), a scientific
research and advanced technology company at
the forefront of space-related testing and
assessments. Mr. Mosqueda works out of
USRA’s Headquarters in Columbia, Maryland.
Lt Colonel Mosqueda (USAF, Retired) joined
USRA from Headquarters Air Force Space
Command’s Directorate of Requirements, Policy
and Integration Division where he led the
establishment of the AFSPC Innovation Forum.
Mr. Mosqueda was also a key player in
developing and implementing the Requirements
and Acquisition Management Program (RAMP),
as well as being responsible for the Space
Operations Weapon System Management
program (SOWSM).
Mr. Mosqueda served as the Deputy Director,
Joint Expeditionary Task Training at
Headquarters Second Air Force, Keesler AFB,
Mississippi where he was responsible for
managing the training and deployment system
moving over 26,000 airmen to Operations
FREEDOM. He served as the Air Force
Functional Manager for Provincial
Reconstruction Teams in Afghanistan as well.
For this responsibility, he ensured PRT airmen
were correctly trained and equipped prior to
deployment, as well as sitting on a “Whole of
Government” lessons learned committee to
ensure US efforts in reconstruction were optimal.
Mr. Mosqueda was a Senior Defense Analyst at
Kepler Research where he provided services to
Headquarters USAF, Directorate of Personnel.
He developed comprehensive database taxonomy
to prepare existing systems for future Service
Oriented Architecture (SOA) implementation.
He also coordinated movement of several
software and server applications from Pentagon
servers to other locations.
At Headquarters Air Force Space Command, he
served as a consultant to the Intelligence,
Surveillance and Reconnaissance Mission Area
Team in the Air Force Space Command
Directorate of Planning and Programming, He
represented the Command at Thor’s Hammer II,
the National Space Game, providing counsel and
expertise on how to use space systems to track
terrorists and other potential enemy forces in
future engagements.
While at Kepler, Mr. Mosqueda also worked on
the TimePiece software development team,
providing customized scheduling systems for
Twentieth Air Force’s ICBM crew operations.
Mr. Mosqueda served as the Individual
Mobilization Augmentee to the Commander of
the 595th Operations Support Squadron at the
Space Innovation and Development Center. He
led a squadron providing intelligence and
operational testing services to AFSPC units. He
has also served in numerous Air Force positions
including missile operations and international
treaty engagement missions.
Mr. Mosqueda holds a Masters Degree in
Military Studies from the American Military
University, Bachelors Degree in Russian and
East European Studies from the University of
Michigan, and HBX CORe, a program on the
fundamentals of business from Harvard Business
School. He has also completed Air War College,
Air Command and Staff College, and Squadron
Officer School, as well as the Reserve
Component National Security course at the
National Defense University

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