Capt. Sarah Ford

Sarah Ford recently earned her MAS in Space Studies from the University of North Dakota. Her independent study project for the degree focused on high altitude skydiving and emergency egress situations. She will continue research on human survival in these situations along with adjunct professor, Dr John Jurist. Capt. Ford earned her BS in Biology from the United States Air Force Academy in 2004. Sarah is a Captain in the Air Force stationed at Buckley AFB in Denver Colorado. Her husband, Steve, is also a recent Space Studies graduate and a Captain in the Air Force.

Broadcast 1277 (Special Edition)

Guests: Capt. Sarah Ford; Dr. John Jurist. Topics: High-Altitude skydiving, bailout from space, space tourism, astronauts. U.S. Air Force Captain Sarah Ford and Dr. John Jurist were our guests today regarding Capt. Ford's thesis for graduating with an MAS from the Space Studies program at UND in Grand Forks, ND. Dr. Jurist was her Adjunct Faculty Advisor for this project.

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