Bruno Mombrinie

Bruno Mombrinie is the founder and lead designer of Metro Hop, the all-electric, short takeoff and landing airplane. The plane takeoffs and lands virtually silently, flies at 250 mph and is designed to move cargo and people within a 100-mile radius of San Francisco. Bruno founded Metro Hop in 2018, after working on this design for some years.  Bruno is no stranger to electric flight and aviation innovation: While at MIT Bruno helped build the Chrysalis human-powered airplane. After graduating from MIT with a degree in mechanical engineering, Bruno went on to found AVEC Scientific Design, a medical equipment manufacturing company.  Bruno has been a board member of the CAFE Foundation since 2010. CAFE promotes efficient aircraft designs. In 2011 as part of CAFE, Bruno served as the event manager for the NASA Green Flight Challenge Sponsored by Google. The purse was $1.65 million; the largest aviation prize in history.

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