Anthony Longman

Anthony Longman graduated from Cambridge University and was licensed as an architect in the U.K. before relocating to Los Angeles where he worked initially in hands on house remodeling. This developed into a residential design practice covering 25 years, as well as collaborations in the film industry, high end litigation graphics and landscape design. In 2008 he became interested in space habitat design, focused on including landscape as a primary design driver. In 2013 he began a 6 year collaboration with Dr. Robert Skelton, the originator of the mathematics for engineering tensegrity structures, whose matchless efficiency makes them ideal for space applications. That year they were awarded a NIAC Phase I research grant to explore adding iterative structural expansion capability to landscaped rotating shielded space habitats. In 2016 an enlarged team including Dr. Joel Sercel of TransAstra Corporation was awarded a 2 Year NIAC Phase II grant to continue this research. Work continued for 12 months beyond the grant funded period, and the results will be published shortly in a report to NASA.

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