Amir Notea

Amir Notea is an Israeli autodidact engineer and entrepreneur.  He has 35 years’ experience in the hi-tech industry as a software engineer, a founder and a manager of several companies:  Some of which were startups and some service companies.  When he became a father, Amir decided to focus his efforts and attention on changing the educational system to serve the people rather than the organizations.  He worked for a decade with education entrepreneurs and with the incumbent organizations, and wrote a book with an outsider’s view of the system.  Realizing how adept the establishment is at preventing change, Amir directed his attention to easier tasks, such as landing a spacecraft on the moon.  He joined SpaceIL and worked on the software and hardware simulation of the “Beresheet” spacecraft – the first non-governmental spacecraft to reach the moon. Once the moonshot mission was completed, ending with a faster-than-planned landing, Amir remained in the space industry:  He co-founded a company – Sim.Space – to provide accurate full-system simulations of autonomous craft for the aerospace industry.  Amir sees a compelling and urgent need to build up Humanity’s ability to spawn spacefaring civilizations.  He keeps looking for ways to create a startup with a long-term vision of deep space commerce, based on a more immediate near-earth market.

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