Amber Richards

Amber Richards is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Environmental Science at Christopher Newport University, where she also received her B.S. in Biology. Amber joined the DEVELOP Program as the Team Lead for the Publications Team in May of 2006 where she assisted students in the submission of project research results for publication. Currently, Amber works as the Deputy Science Projects Director, directing and coordinating national activities for the NASA DEVELOP student body. She hopes to continue her internship with NASA DEVELOP this spring, and will complete her graduate degree in May of 2007. Her primary research interests are in population genetics of Great Smoky Mountain brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis).

Broadcast 638 (Special Edition)

NASA DEVELOP Project Students Amanda Ross, Jonathan Gleason and Amber Richards were the guest for this Space Show program to discuss the DEVELOP Program. Listeners can follow along with this discussion by visiting the DEVELOP Program website at Amanda, Jonathan and Amber each told us about their respective interest in space studies, how they heard about DEVELOP and what they do as part of the Develop team.

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