Amaresh Kollipara

Amaresh is a Founder and Managing Partner of Earth2Orbit, LLC, which is a global provider of satellite launch services. Earth2Orbit is working with the Indian Space Research Organization to provide commercial launch services to a variety of satellite clients. Amaresh is fascinated by the science of space exploration and believes that involvement from the entrepreneurial sector, via emerging applications such as nanosatellite based services, is an essential enabler for continued exploration. In addition to his role at Earth2Orbit, Amaresh serves as a management consultant and financial advisor to a new generation of entrepreneurs by helping them develop viable businesses and navigate the world of venture finance. As part of this role, Amaresh serves as the Team Lead of Commercial Operations for Orbital Outfitters, a company devoted to providing spacesuits and services to government and commercial clients. In another role, he spearheaded a project examining the commercial feasibility of Space Solar Power by comparing the economics between SSP and terrestrial power generation options. Amaresh’s vision to provide management guidance to space entrepreneurs led him to co-produce the first and second annual Space Venturing Forum, an entrepreneurial event hosted by the National Space Society. In addition, he co-produced the Space Frontier Foundation’s 2006 Business Plan Competition. Amaresh often speaks at conferences on topics related to the business and economics of the commercial space industry. Amaresh also enjoyed a successful career with the Strategy group of Accenture, where he managed key strategy offerings and developed recommendations for Global 500 clients such as Cisco, HP, and Siemens. He specialized in creating business cases, operational plans, Internet strategies, and M&A assessments. He has been influential in pricing multi-million dollar private equity deals as well as in assisting clients to strategically allocate large-scale investments. Amaresh's diverse background includes roles as a biotechnology researcher, planetarium presenter, and physics teacher. His professional experience extends to international locations such as Argentina, England, India, Japan and Mexico. Amaresh holds an MBA degree from the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University. He also earned a B.A. in Molecular and Cell Biology with an emphasis in Neurobiology from the University of California at Berkeley.

Broadcast 1640 (Special Edition)

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Broadcast 945 (Special Edition)

Guest: Amaresh Kollipara, Founder and Managing Partner of Earth2Orbit, LLC, was the guest for today. During the first segment of the show, Amaresh told us about Earth2Orbit and the procurement of commercial launch services using Indian launchers. As a result of listener questions and comments, Amaresh discussed student and academic payloads as potential customers for his services, he outlined a time table and the preliminaries of their business plan for starting out with about a launch per quarter or four launches per year.

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