Global Warming

Broadcast 566

Marshall Martin provided this month's Deep Space Message. Here is the text of his message: To Whom It May Concern: By the time you receive this message, my planet Earth maybe gone and all my descendants too. Many think it will be by war or global warming. I know there are bigger problems looming like: A major asteroid impact, loss of our radiation blocking magnetic field, and or a stellar dust cloud blocking our sun's warming rays. If this happens, know that our species constantly fought with each other over power and prestige.

Broadcast 530 (Special Edition)

Dr. S. Fred Singer was the special guest for this Space Show program. Dr. Singer began the interview with a detailed discussion of his Ph-D Project, going to Mars via the moon Deimos with a base on Deimos and working from the other Martian moon, Photos. Dr. Singer explained why it is easier, less costly, and much faster to go to Deimos than to Mars. This is one of the discussions you must hear as it makes scientific, engineering, and economic sense to launch Mars exploration with this type of plan. Dr.

Broadcast 515 (Special Edition)

Leonard David returned to The Space Show for this program. Leonard talked about his work at, current articles and future research for articles that he is presently doing. He provided his thoughts on the shuttle, the vision program, Mars, NASA and the public interest in space, and lots more. We spoke about energy from space, global warming, the private-sector and space launch, including space tourism. As the senior writer at, Leonard David took us through the subjects and topics that drive and make the space program today, both public and private.


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