Gaia Selene: Saving the Earth by Colonizing the Moon

Broadcast 492 (Special Edition)

Chip Proser returned to The Space Show for this program. Fresh from ISDC and from updating his important documentary, "Gaia Selene: Saving The Earth by Colonizing the Moon," we discussed how space can be used as a major path for solutions to our energy problems and the climate change being experienced around Earth. Chip discusses these topics in detail and connects the dots for people so they can see yet another vitally important reason to become space-faring, reach for the Moon and take humanity off Earth.

Broadcast 276 (Special Edition)

Chip Proser, writer, director, cinematographer, and film producer, returns to the program to talk about his new DVD documentary, "Gaia Selene: Saving the Earth by Colonizing the Moon." This documentary consists of interviews between Chip and numerous famous and respected scientists about our current energy, climate change, global warming, and pollution problems. These scientists all point to possible, realistic solutions by returning to the Moon to use lunar resources to "mitigate these dangers and guarantee a human future. Gaia Selene, Mr.

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