folding space

Bradcast 2678 Tim Dooley

Guest:  Tim Dooley;  Mr. Dooley discusses his latest book in series Tales From An Alternate History regarding The Victorian Space Age.  Please direct all comments and questions regarding specific Space Show programs & guest(s) to the Space Show blog which is part of archived program on our website,   Comments and questions should be relevant to the specific Space Show program.

Broadcast 2368 (Special Edition)

Guests: John Batchelor, Marc Millis, Dr. David Livingston. Topics: The movie Interstellar, wormholes & faster than light travel. You are invited to comment, ask questions, and discuss the Space Show program/guest(s) on the Space Show blog. Comments, questions, and any discussion must be relevant and applicable to Space Show programming. Written Transcripts of Space Show programs are not permitted without prior written consent from The Space Show (even if for personal use) & are a violation of the Space Show copyright.

Broadcast 968 (Special Edition)

Guest : Greg Meholic was the guest for this Space Show program. Greg specializes in advanced space propulsion concepts for interstellar travel. As a member of the AIAA Nuclear and Future Flight Propulsion Technical Committee and as the chair of the Future Flight sessions at the Joint Propulsion Conferences, Mr. Meholic was especially qualified to guide us through some very out-of-the-box and quite advanced propulsion possibilities.

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