Broadcast 957 (Special Edition)

Guests: Space Cynics Shubber Ali, Tom Olson, and me (DrSpace aka Professor L) met for this interview in the hotel coffee shop for an in-person discussion featuring the Cynics' view of several of the topics discussed at ISDC 2008. This was the first ever in-person Cynics show, but we hope to offer you more and with our fourth Cynic, Old Space Cadet, who could not be with us this year. We were also joined by Reda Anderson, who is now an Honorary Space Cynic. The gloves were taken off and our discussion was hard-hitting on many topics.

Broadcast 923 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. Richard Kirby was the guest for this Space Show program. Our discussion began with Dr. Kirby sharing with us his knowledge of, and friendship with, Sir Arthur C. Clarke. From this part of the discussion, we talked about many different issues from finance to Dr. Kirby's and Bob Krone's program for Earth-based space stations. Although we covered many topics, we did so with two important overriding themes for moving forward with space development and a space-faring world.

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