Dr. Michael Griffin

Broadcast 1082 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dan Adamo was the guest for this Space Show program to discuss his White Paper, "Revisited Virtues of Lunar Surface Rendezvous (LSR)." Mr. Adamo started out explaining the nature of the current NASA plan for returning to the Moon which requires launching on Ares 1 and then Ares V over a four day critical launch interval. Dan explained the differences with LSR as he sees it and the NASA plan, making sure that listeners understood the programs and how LSR was unique.

Broadcast 1058 (Special Edition)

Guest: Greg Zsidisin was the guest for this Space Show program. We began our discussion with Greg about the type of space policy to expect from the new Obama administration. We focused in on the space policy transition team as Greg was asked to give us insights into their thinking and space interests. He concluded that space policy would likely unfold more or less traditionally rather than anything out of the box.

Broadcast 338 (Special Edition)

Jim Muncy of PoliSpace was the guest for the first hour with the remaining half-hour dedicated to open lines. Mr. Muncy started out his discussion by talking about the new NASA Administrator, Dr. Michael Griffin. Mr. Muncy went into some detail to point out the favorable characteristics and plans that Dr. Griffin brings with him and the positive steps he has taken so far regarding NASA, the implementation of the President's vision, and how to make is sustainable and a commercial space enabler. Mr.

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