Broadcast 1452 (Special Edition)

Guest: Gregory Cecil. Topics: Space Shuttle, NASA space policy. Please note that you are invited to comment, ask questions, and rate this program on the new Space Show blog, We welcomes for the first time to the program Greg Cecil who took early retirement during the first round of layoffs at KSC regarding the Space Shuttle. You can learn more about Greg, his shuttle work, and his blog by visiting

Broadcast 1180 (Special Edition)

Guest: Robert Zimmerman. Topics: space policy, NASA, human spaceflight, Hubble, SpaceX, LRO. Bob Zimmerman returned to The Space Show for this news update. He started the discussion with an evaluation of current space policy based on his perception of Obama's interest in space and the delay in appointing a new NASA Administrator. We talked about the human spaceflight program, science missions, engineering research and planetary research and returning to the Moon as a priority.

Broadcast 656 (Special Edition)

Richard C. Hoagland was the special guest for this two hour Space Show program. We began our discussion with a look at the VSE, its hardware for returning to the Moon, the time table for doing so, and the COTS program. Richard discussed some of the challenges presented by the VSE and suggested that some of what NASA was doing did not make much sense.

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