definition of life

Broadcast 3970 Dr. Lee Cronin with Bill Gowan as co-host

The Space Show thanks co-host Bill Gowan for his excellence in writing the summary for this program.

Guests: Dr. Lee Cronin, co-host Bill Gowan; Topics:  Dr. Cronin's work on searching for life in the solar system, the Assembly Theory, what does life do or not do, mathematics and his search, molecular weight, spectrometers, mapping the Tree of Life and more.

Broadcast 3803 Dr. Lee Cronin, Bill Gowan

NOTE:  We experienced two dropped calls with our guest but we were quickly able to reconnect with him.  We apologize for the disruption.  Fortunately, our co-host Bill Gowan kept the show going while I went through the process to reconnect with our guest.

Additionally, I want to thank co-host Bill for his work on the summary of this show.  Bill's work is below and it is superb and accurate.

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