da Vinci Project

Broadcast 637 (Special Edition)

Brian Feeney returned as the guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Feeney, as team leader for the da Vinci Project, discussed with us their new partnership with DreamSpace and their push to develop their new suborbital tourist spaceships, the XF2 and XF3 with the XF1 serving as their technology demonstrator. You can see photos of their vehicle and obtain technical specifications by visiting either www.dreamspacegroup.net or www.davinciproject.com.

Broadcast 261 (Special Edition)

Brian Feeney, team leader for the da Vinci Project was the special guest on this edition of The Space Show. Please listen to the last ten minutes of this program as Brian can use some help for a very specific product for his entry in the X-Prize. If you can help him, contact him through his website at www.davinciproject.com. During the program, Brian explained the origins of the da Vinci Project, its unique technical and engineering attributes and characteristics, as well as its flight plan for winning the X-Prize.

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