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Hosted by Dr. David M. Livingston

Regularly Scheduled Program Times:

The Sunday Space Show: 12-1:30 PM Pacific Time. 

The Monday Space Show: 2-3:30 PM Pacific Time.

The Tuesday Space Show:  7-8:30 PM Pacific Time.

The  Wednesday John Batchelor Hotel Mars Segment:  6:30-6:45 PM Pacific Time.

The Friday Space Show:  9:30-11 AM Pacific Time.

Podcasting Instructions:

-  Smartphones, tablets and similar devices:  Please use the app provided by your device or an alternative app that you prefer that works for your device. 

-  For the Apple devices, I recommend the Apple podcasting app or the Overcast app.

-  I do not use a Droid platform or other devices so I cannot suggest what may work best.  If you have recommendations, I am happy to add them to this set of instructions.

-  For those of you using Alexa and similar devices, you can use TuneIn.  We have embedded the TuneIn player below.

Thank you.

Dr. David Livingston

The Space Show