Broadcast 1127 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. Pete Worden for the first hour followed by Open Lines. Topics: Space Solar Power (SSP), NASA Ames Research Center. Dr. Pete Worden, Center Director for the NASA Ames Research Center, was the guest for the first hour of the show. The last segment was an Open Lines discussion primarily geared to our space solar power discussion with Dr. Worden. Our discussion with Dr. Worden followed the business case discussion on SSP stemming from the debate at the ATWG Conference in early December 2008 at Ames. During that debate, Dr.

Broadcast 454 (Special Edition)

Rick Sanford was the special Space Show guest for this program. As Director of the Space Initiatives Global Defense, Space & Security Group at Cisco, Systems, Inc., Mr. Sanford brought us squarely into the world of the internet in space. This is a must program for Space Show listeners. Not only does Mr. Sanford discuss cutting edge technology and engineering, he points out the business planning, strategy, development, and methodology behind the engineering and technology development. Do you want to know what makes a vision real and plausible? Listen to Mr. Sanford in this interview!


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