Bigelow Aerospace

Broadcast 543 (Special Edition)

Robert Bigelow was the special guest for this program to discuss Bigelow Aerospace (BA) and its program for inflatable structures and hotels in space. Mr. Bigelow responded to listener questions during the entire two hour plus program, covering topics ranging from technical to business, to visionary questions. This program is an in-depth discussion with Mr. Bigelow and you will absolutely not want to miss the show.

Broadcast 527 (Special Edition)

Robert Zimmerman returned to The Space Show to give us new insights and updates regarding all things happening with space. We started by discussing Bigelow Aerospace and then we discussed the successful launch of the Shuttle Discovery. This took us deeper into NASA and related discussions such as COTS, the Vision, science funding or the lack of it, and more. We also discussed the newly released Space Frontier Foundation White Paper regarding the Vision for Space Exploration.


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