Broadcast 898 (Special Edition)

Guest: David Hook. David Hook was the guest for this special program in order to discuss the unusual topic of security regulations for space tourism. As President of his company, Planehook Aviation Services in San Antonio, Texas, David specializes in security work for general aviation, but he has quietly expanded this interest to space tourism. During the first segment of the program, David referenced the FAA/AST regulations dealing with security issues and told us what they mean and how they are likely to be interpreted and applied.

Broadcast 897 (Special Edition)

Guest: Don Beattie. Don Beattie returned to The Space Show in order to continue our discussion about the current Vision for Space Exploration, NASA, and our future in space. Don started us off with a bit of NASA lunar history and then took us forward to three planned NASA lunar missions, GRAIL which is to use twin satellites to study the Moon's gravitational pull, another program to measure factors within the lunar atmosphere, and yet a third program to do penetration experiments of the Moon itself. Mr.

Broadcast 628 (Special Edition)

Dr. Jim Wertz, CEO of Microcosm, Inc., returned to complete his discussion started last Friday, Nov. 17, 2006. We started the interview with a thorough discussion of why the U.S. government is not funding Scorpious and at times not even following the recommendations of the reports the government commenced. This comprehensive discussion not only included Scorpius, it addressed responsive space, the Darpa/Falcon project, and both the politics and engineering necessary to make these programs successful.

Broadcast 533 (Special Edition)

Dr. Paul S. Hardersen returned to this Space Show program. Dr. Hardersen began the interview by discussing important changes happening in the Space Studies Dept. at UND. One of the new developments is that the department has started a search for a new department head. You can read the description for the department head at this location,

Broadcast 521 (Special Edition)

Dr. Alan Hale returned to The Space Show for this program. We began the interview discussing near Earth asteroids and the orbits of several of the asteroids coming close to Earth. Dr. Hale told us about the one scheduled to be closer to Earth than a GEO satellite on Friday, April 13, 2009, Apophis. Dr. Hale spoke to us about comets, the Deep Impact mission and related topics. We also discussed how finding asteroids and comets had changed due to the more professional survey systems now in place making it much more difficult for an armature to make a discovery. Dr.

Broadcast 453 (Special Edition)

Dr. Paul Hardersen what the guest for this special Friday morning Space Show program. We began our discussion by inquiring about the observatory that is at the University of North Dakota, the plans for remodeling it, what it will be able to do and the opportunities it will afford students, and the fund raising campaigns designed to support the program. We then switched topics to asteroids, one of the areas of special interest and expertise for Dr. Hardersen.


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