Broadcast 785 (Special Edition)

Dr. George C. Nield of the AST office was the guest for this Space Show program. We began the interview with Dr. Nield giving us an update on new developments within AST and the industry since the last time he was on the show. His report was positive and upbeat, make sure you listen to it. George also reviewed the mission of AST as mandated by congress. AST has the job of making sure there is public safety for the uninvolved public on the ground and also to license and promote space transportation.

Broadcast 644 (Special Edition)

Jeff Greason, CEO of XCOR Aerospace returned for this special Space Show program. Jeff began the interview with an update on XCOR activities progress over the past year and recent times. XCOR has sustained superb growth and has a mix of products its developing for private customers and NASA. From Rocket Racing League rockets to the suborbital space tourism vehicle, the Xerus Multi-function vehicle, along with rocket engines and fuel piston pumps, XCOR is a leading NewSpace company.

Broadcast 633 (Special Edition)

Chuck Lauer returned to The Space Show for this special program to discuss Rocketplane-Kistler and more. We started our discussion with Chuck asking him about some of his past innovative ideas for recreational space development. This led Chuck to telling us how he got interested in space and a listener asked him about his preference regarding the regulatory world of real estate versus developing a space ship. The listener wanted to know if Chuck preferred working with a zoning commission or AST. Guess what his answer was!

Broadcast 358 (Special Edition)

Dr. George C. Nield, Deputy Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation FAA/AST-2, was the guest for this Space Show program. Dr. Nield began the interview by explaining the obligations of the AST, the recently signed Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act, and the way the AST views its regulatory mission and responsibility. He took listeners through the process of what is involved in getting an RLV launch license and mentioned that the AST has guideline information, a book, and a CD available to help those interested in making a license application.


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