UP Aerospace

Broadcast 756 (Special Edition)

SmallSat Conference interviews make up this special recorded Space Show program. While at SmallSat, I interviewed just a few of those attending to get their perspective on either what they were doing at the Conference and why they were there, or their views on small satellites and updates regarding space development. For example, the first interview was conducted at the booth representing the Reagan Test Site at Kwajalein Island (www.smdc.army.mil/RTS.html).

Broadcast 712 (Special Edition)

Rick Homans, the Executive Director of the New Mexico Spaceport Authority, was the guest for this Space Show program. Rick was with us for the first hour and the second hour was Open Lines. Rick started out giving us a comprehensive status report on the development of Spaceport America, tax and bond issues, AST licensing and related matters. We talked about the UP Aerospace payload recovery process, we talked about the commercial usage of the spaceport with commercial range and tracking fees in arrangement with White Sands.

Broadcast 657 (Special Edition)

Eric Knight, CEO of UP Aerospace, Inc., was the guest for this special Space show program. We began the interview talking with Eric about his amateur experiences and his having launched an amateur rocket to space prior to starting UP Aerospace. Eric stated it was very hard to do, outlined some of the many sacrifices that were made to be able to have a successful amateur launch to space. I asked about the total cost for doing this and he could not estimate it given all the volunteer labor and other contributions that went into the project to become part of the total development costs.

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