40th Anniversary of Apollo

Broadcast 1189 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. Matt Colborn. Topics: space art and illustration, science fiction, Space Cynics, NewSpace critiques & solutions. Dr. Matt Colborn joined us from the UK for this Space Show program. If you recall, Dr. Colborn posed a question on Space Cynics a few months past regarding the Cynics criticizing NewSpace without offering solutions to the problems they cited. The Cynics responded to Matt's comment by putting up on Cynics responses and The Space Show has featured programs focused on those responses.

Broadcast 1187 (Special Edition)

Guest: Jeffrey Roth. Topics: Hollywood films, blockbusters, documentaries, "The Wonder Of It All", Moonwalker astronauts. Jeff Roth, noted documentary filmmaker, returned to The Space Show to discuss his outstanding documentary film, "The Wonder of It All" which tells the humanistic side of the moon landings through the men who actually went to the Moon and walked on the surface of the Moon. Jeff interviewed seven of the nine remaining Moonwalkers and in this film, you will hear about the experience in their own words.

Broadcast 1186 (Special Edition)

Guest: Andrew Chaikin. Topics: 40th anniversary of Apollo, return to the Moon, lunar astronaut comments and interviews. Andy Chaikin returned to The Space Show to discuss his two new books and the 40th anniversary of Apollo. His books that we discussed on the show were "Mission Control, This is Apollo" which is a children's book but the pictures and drawings are unbelievable. Much of the book's artwork consists of paintings by lunar astronaut and artist Alan Bean and they are incredible. When you see these paintings in the book, you will know that this is a must have book.

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