Broadcast 1046 (Special Edition)

31 Oct 2008 Brian Hanley
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Guest: Brian Hanley was the guest for this Space Show program addressing the issue of bioterrorism. Our far ranging discussion covered not just the subject of bioterrorism and its agents such as anthrax, but how the health care system and public health are primary biodefense. As you will hear, natural disease is a far greater killer than bioterrorism has yet been, and a greater killer than wars also. Brian explained in some detail the risks we face because of our current public health system. We discussed the anthrax attacks, anthrax as a weapon, and listeners asked about likely targets: metropolitan cities, medium sized cities, or small town America. Listen to what he had to say about this. Mr. Hanley discussed bioterrorism attacks in recent years to put them in perspective. One listener asked him if he ever thought our world would be free of this threat or it was here to stay. Sad to say, here to stay was the response. I believe you will find his history of disease and its impact on society to be most interesting, also, the weak points for spreading disease in society now. Toward the end of the program, Brian introduced us to what he calls the Potemkin Perimeter. The former Russian Minister, Grigori Potemkin's Villages were not real but were designed to impress the Empress during the Crimean War. Brian compares this to the legislative and DOJ efforts regulate research work and prosecute offenders in order to impress the public that "action is being taken". He warns that these are counterproductive. Listen to his analysis and see what you think. You can contact Brian Hanley with your comments and questions using the email address, For additional information, check this summary by Brian Hanley:



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