Broadcast 747 (Special Edition)

31 Jul 2007 Dr. M.V. "Coyote" Smith, Col, USAF-RET, USAF (Coyote)
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USAF Col. Michael V. Smith (Coyote) was the guest for this Space Show program. As Chief of Future Concepts of the National Security Space Office, Col. Smith looks forward in time to how best to design and bring to fruition advanced technology that is not yet doable today in 2007. The program today largely focused on Space-Based Solar Power (SSP) and the Feasibility Study he is undertaking, a study which ends Sept. 15, 2007. Later during the show we also talked about launch platforms and the need for RLVs. Col. Smith told us why the military is interested in SSP and this is something you need to hear Col. Smith explain. But as you will see, this is a national imperative. Listeners asked many questions about economics, time tables, antennas, frequencies, and more. Questions were asked about space tourism as a possible facilitator as well as ITAR issues. You will note that Col. Smith faces the same challenges with ITAR as does everyone else and clearly understand ITAR is a four letter word! This is an excellent program, forward looking and without Kool Aid which is so often present when SSP is discussed. Col Smith regularly posts information and discusses SSP and this project on a website blog, Your posts and comments for Col. Smith are welcome. If this subject and today's program interest you, I urge you to become a regular to this website and be a part of the discussion. Many other wide ranging issues and topics were mentioned so this is definitely a show you will want to hear. For my part, and I don't say this lightly but I say it frequently on the show, the key to achieving SSP as a commercial venture is for leadership to take it on for national security/defense purposes. Coyote and his team are doing just this and I think you will agree with me when you hear the discussion that SSP development could not be in more capable hands than with this Air Force/DOD team. I personally believe this is the path to SSP and Col. Smith certainly breeds confidence in the effort.



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